Here's what my customers say about me.

"After having a session with Alice I feel so much more confident in disclosing my disability and my accessibility needs to my current and future employers. Alice provided clear and structured guidance, while letting me lead with my needs. She also helped me to see the positives I can bring to a work setting, not just how they can be more accessible for me. She was so supportive and encouraging that I left the session feeling like a disabled badass! I highly recommend a session with Alice if you are struggling with disability disclosure - I feel so empowered now!"

"I came to Alice for support with a job application in a completely new sector, and then when I got an interview for the job I returned for support with interview skills for my first interview in five years. Spoiler alert – I got the job!

For me a huge benefit of Alice's support was in her interpersonal skills. She's very good at holding a safe space, and as someone with social anxiety, a space to feel ok making mistakes is both very important and very rare. She was confident and knowledgeable, and delivered suggested changes in a warm way. I wasn't feeling particularly confident about my interview skills so we worked on the types of questions I could potentially be asked and also practised a few scenarios.

It also really nice to know I had someone rooting for me, and Alice regularly checked in throughout the process of application and preparation, as well as afterwards. She made it very clear from the start that she was completely on my team. I'd definitely use Chronically Consulting again."

"I'm really glad to have found Alice - she's helped me revamp my CV to better showcase my skills and work on effectively disclosing my disability to employers. I'm really confident now that both of these sessions will help me find a job and more importantly avoid a situation like the one that happened with my previous employer! Alice has been kind, enthusiastic, incredibly perceptive and supportive and I won't hesitate to contact her for more sessions in the future.. thank you so much!"

"I have chronic health conditions which affect my work life, usually due to fatigue, physical limitations and anxiety. I was really struggling to communicate this to my employer, which was creating a lot of tension between us, which was when I approached Alice. Alice really listened to everything I was saying and helped me communicate clearly and professionally to my employer. With her guidance I was able to explain my limitations, what this meant for my work, and put some healthy boundaries in place. Since then my employer has been much more understanding and respectful in regards to my health and I've felt much more confident in communicating my health needs. At a time when I felt very vulnerable and scared about opening up about struggling with my health, Alice came alongside me and helped me to untangle all my thoughts. I'm forever grateful for her help!"

"Alice's patient, supportive, and knowledgeable approach really helped me get around my anxiety over interviews and gave me the confidence to be successful in getting a great job I nearly chickened out of applying for!" - Max Connell

"It is so refreshing to see a new consultancy business with expertise in the challenges faced by professionals with chronic illnesses. I have been looking for this for years. I would definitely recommend Chronically Consulting if you are experiencing the common dilemma of faced by many of us with chronic illnesses- trying to find meaningful and fulfilling work that will also allow you to manage your illness. Alice has a breadth of knowledge and experience in this area and will help you talk through your options in a logical and understanding way. Thank you for your support Alice."

"Alice played an essential role in advising me on making a request for reasonable adjustments with my new employer. In the past, I have gotten advice regarding reasonable adjustments from occupational health advisors, lawyers, union reps, and Remploy, but none of them has been as good as Alice's. Her session was very thorough, and 100% centered on my needs. She took the time to understand my disability and create a very personalized approach. Would recommend her to anyone in need of disability advice in relation to employment."

"I found the guidance sessions from Chronically Consulting extremely helpful. They enabled me to audit my own needs at work and be able to confidently articulate these. It also helped to demystify the occupational health process for me."

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