Services for individuals

Whether you're in work and experiencing new health challenges or job seeking with a chronic illness or disability, we have services to support you.

For people in work

Have you ever felt that you aren't getting the right support around your Chronic Illness or Disability in work? Are you worried about communicating your needs to your employer? Thinking about changing your career, but not sure how to manage your health condition or disability? I'm here to help.

During our sessions, we use a person centred approach to discuss the issues you are experiencing at work and agree actions to make work more manageable for you. Common support requests include disclosing a disability, requesting reasonable adjustments, setting boundaries and career planning.

A black office chair is facing a laptop on a desk. A multicoloured mobility cane is hanging off the back of the chair.
An open notebook is on a table with black writing in, laying on the left page is a medication organiser with days of the week printed on, over the right page are purple tined reading glasses and a silver pen.

For people seeking work

Looking for work is hard at the best of times, but when you're also managing your daily health needs,  it comes with extra challenges. Whether it's navigating jobseeking with a chronic illness, deciding which kind of roles you want to focus on or negotiating reasonable adjustments with your potential employer, I can offer advice and guidance on all aspects of looking for work. All sessions are individual and person centred, I will work with you around your needs and choices.