Speaking and Panels

Experienced public speaker for Disability, Chronic Illness and Employment events

My name is Alice (she / her pronouns) and I run Chronically Consulting. I have been Chronically Ill since I was 17 and have faced many challenges in finding and remaining in employment, as well as getting my health and access needs met in the work place. Because of this, I have pursued a career in Disability employment support and have worked as an employment advisor since 2014, with national and local disability charities.

Through my years of experience I have supported hundreds individuals with a wide range of conditions in a variety of work environments and roles. I've also worked with employers to give them a better understanding of how to support disabled employees and realise the benefits of recruiting and retaining staff with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses.

I decided to start my own business offering my expertise because although there is a lot of fantastic support out there, many sources of advice do not have capacity to offer an in depth person centred service and lack direct experience of chronic illness or disability. I wanted to offer something different to individuals and employers, combining my years of professional and personal experience with a person centred approach.


Why Chronically Consulting? I am passionate about Employment Rights, Reasonable Adjustments, Access and Representation of people who are Chronically Ill and Disabled in the work place and I love having discussions with people about their employment and educating employers on how they can better support their Chronically Ill and Disabled staff. I have been known to give employment advice to people I meet in queues! I am Chronically Consulting, it's in my nature!

A picture of Alice Archer from Chronically Consulting