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Chronically Consulting

Guidance and training on employment issues for Chronically Ill people and employers

Introducing Chronically Consulting

Person centred employment guidance to empower Chronically Ill people in the workplace

Improving employer's understanding and management of Chronic Illness through training and consulting services

People with Chronic Illnesses and Disabilities should feel empowered to make employment decisions suitable for their needs. Chronically Consulting offers a supportive space to discuss challenges faced in employment, and opportunities to explore options that value the skills of Chronically Ill and Disabled individuals. Chronically Consulting's founder Alice has personal and professional experience of Chronic Illness and understands the challenges of finding and remaining in sustainable employment.



For individuals, we offer person centred guidance sessions that create actionable suggestions on topics such as communicating health needs to an employer, preparing for job interviews, long term career guidance, and reasonable adjustments. Each session is planned with accessibility in mind and is tailored to each individual.



For employers, we offer training to help you better understand the needs of Chronically Ill employees and consulting services for individual cases, policies, and long term planning. Increasing your organisation's understanding of Chronic Illness can help improve the employee experience, diversity your workplace and decrease the potential for discrimination.

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What We Specialise In

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Chronic Illness and Disability in work

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Careers Advice

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Disability and Health Disclosure

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Employer Training

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Reasonable Adjustments


Quotation marks

For me a huge benefit of Alice's support was in her interpersonal skills. She's very good at holding a safe space, and as someone with social anxiety, a space to feel ok making mistakes is both very important and very rare. She was confident and knowledgeable, and delivered suggested changes in a warm way.

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- Customer via facebook

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I'm really confident now that both of these sessions will help me find a job and more importantly avoid a situation like the one that happened with my previous employer!

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- Customer via facebook

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It is so refreshing to see a new consultancy business with expertise in the challenges faced by professionals with chronic illnesses. I have been looking for this for years.

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- Customer via email

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